Global Scheduling Exceptions

When running global scheduling, I am receiving the following error for a few Jobs,

Exception 1: Unable to get a lock on ShopLoad

What would cause this exception and how can I go about fixing it?

You might be able to fix it by removing the job (whichever one(s) are giving the error) from the schedule and rescheduling them.

What if we have 100s of jobs? Is this a common thing? Will global scheduling ever complete without errors? Is it a common practice to monitor for errors and then do data clean up?

I don’t know but usually if I have a situation where lots of records need to be fixed I ask support for a data fix.

Here is the response on EpiCare in a KB article.

Reschedule de jobs by going to Actions > Schedule > Remove from Schedule and then Actions > Schedule > Job Scheduling.
If necessary would be recommended to recycle App Pools, this works in certain cases.