GNRI Clearing Error

Hi. Our company recently went live in Epicor10. I’m working in the AP Invoice Entry and trying to select a “Get not Invoiced Receipts for Clearing”. I’ve tried 2 different approaches:

  1. Creating New Group
    New Invoice - entered in the supplier and all the invoice info and save
    The go to Action and “GNIR”
    ** I RECEIVE AN ERROR THAT SAYS: “GRNI Clearing invoices cannot be processed in the same group as normal invoices”

then I tried this option

  1. Create New Group
    Actions and then Get and then GRNI
    A window opens and I enter the supplier and press manual selection but there’s nothing there (even though there are line on the “Received not invoiced” report.

PLEASE HELP! :slight_smile:

If you are booking supplier invoice against a PO receipt.
Then follow below steps

  1. Create New Group
  2. Create New Invoice, select PO, the supplier details get defaulted. Enter the amount as per supplier invoice.
  3. Create New receipt line. Select the required lines and click on create line.

This worked! Thank you!