Go-Live 2017 reminisces

I was thinking about this when @josecgomez said he was going live recently, and I finally found it. The backstory of this was @EDoe was helping us go live and had such a miraculous touch my then boss named him “magic gnome”. We went live over the new year and I was pretty tired when I penned these touching lines…

‘Twas the week before go-live, and in the war room

The geekiest people were meeting (by Zoom)

The data upload was completed with care

In hopes that the old mistakes would not be there.


The data team sunk themselves deep in their heads

And gave up on sleeping - at least in their beds

We all carried 'kerchiefs that could no longer fold

Our unhealthy habits gave us Epicolds


When up in the server room came such a clatter

We all thought the “big one” had just thrown a platter

(Don’t let yourself worry about how I speak -

It’s even gets tough for your average geek)


And just when we thought we’d give up and go home

We got a week - full time! - from our magic gnome

With a clatter of keys and the loan of his head

He soon let us know we had nothing to dread


More rapid than eagles, departments aligned

We teamworked like crazy! Our core values shined!

And he whistled, and shouted, and called us himself:

“Engineering! Supply Chain! And Everyone Else!”


He spoke not a word (though he tended to sing)

He faced all our thtuff and got on with his thing

The dragons of data that gave me a fright

He managed to slay with just eight gigabytes!


We worked out a plan to test everything twice

And decided that some parts could get put on ice

And I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight

“Happy go-live to all! And to all a late night!”



@Steve Fossey thanks for the memories, that was a cool Golive.

Hope to see you in a future.

Thanks for the Magic gnome




@EDoe you have the magic touch… you should post on here more often!

nice one Steve!

Peut-être un changement de carrière dans un futur pas si lointain comme poète !



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