Grid Issues in Kinetic 2024.1?


Is anyone else finding issues with Grids being buggy and slower since the upgrade to 2024.1? E.g.

  • Scrolling through landing pages - the grids white out with each scroll and take 4-5 seconds to show data again. (Even when using the button to preload results).

  • Grid filters not working in some landing pages. Filters are not remembered when opening a record and going back to the landing page.

  • Grids are timing out and failing to load data - browser tab refresh usually sorts this.

I have raised cases with Support, but not getting very far, so I’m trying to understand if this is specific to our environment or to the base software.

It’s strange, as we originally saw improvements in 2023.1 and .2 to the grid issues, per the below post, but some of them seem to have been re-introduced.


Yes its driving me bananas

Not seeing this, once the progressive load is turned off

It depends on the app. Some are remembered even when leaving the app entirely, some aren’t remembered when just going into the detail and back. Extremely inconsistent and frustrating.

I’ve seen this a couple of times but not consistently, chalk it up to network noise.


I haven’t played around too much in 2024.1 beyond verifying our customizations came through intact. Not a lot of deep dive navigating.

So, just playing around now to give you another data-point.

  • Scrolling through landing pages… grids seem to update in 1 - 2 seconds.

  • Grid Personalizations… column changes (placement) DO save with “Save Layout”… but filters do not (consistently). Example: If I set the Boolean on Open orders to true… it will filter and it will save that personalization for next time. But if I put in a CustID in a filter and save layout, that one doesn’t stick.

  • Grids timing out… not experienced this at all.


Gah, so disappointing that this is still present when it’s been an ongoing issue for so long :sleepy:

Does anyone know if the ‘progressive load’ can be disabled, so that the grid automatically returns a set number of records? I’d rather the page load was a couple seconds longer if it resulted in an easier user experience when using the grids.

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Modern web apps are sure learning the biggest lesson of all time. I don’t know why they insist on being like this. I did a test capture in my browser and started scrolling for 3 seconds, it was 75% Javascript function calls within that time. The entire container being 392MB in memory.

This gives former web designer self a headache when sites do this. This is the amount of embedded child elements it takes to get from the start of the page to a clickable link inside of a grid layout:


html.pbneoxqb.idc0_350 app-root ep-app-root div.ep-component-top-element.ep-shell div.ep-shell-container div.ep-content.ep-menu-bar-padding metafx-debug-tool-panel div.debug-tool-panel ep-splitter.debug-tool-panel-splitter.hide-pane.ep-component div.ep-component-top-element.ep-splitter kendo-splitter.k-splitter.k-splitter-flex.k-splitter-vertical div.ep-component-top-element.ep-view div.ep-view-content div.layout-view div.published-screen metafx-form ep-factory-control.metafx-control-style.Left.contentvisible.ep-component div.ep-component-top-element.ep-factory-control ep-factory-control.ep-component div.ep-component-top-element.ep-factory-control ep-panel-card-grid.erp-panel-card-grid.ep-component.ep-container div.ep-component-top-element.ep-panel-card-grid.ep-state-expanded ep-panel-card.ep-state-expanded.ep-component.ep-container div.ep-component-top-element.ep-panel-card kendo-panelbar.k-panelbar.k-pos-relative div.ep-grid-tooltip-container div#k-b90bffde-8f34-4ba0-88a2-82a60637234f.k-grid-aria-root div.k-grid-content.k-virtual-content div.k-grid-table-wrap table.k-grid-table.k-table.k-table-md tbody.k-table-tbody div.ep-component-top-element.ep-nav-link a

I have a lot more respect for my CPU now.