GRNI Clearing

Having a bit of an issue with getting Mass Clearing GRNI: I can’t seem to retrieve more that 13 records. No matter what I set the params for in Company Config, it won’t give me more. My report has thousands… The first time I pulled up a manual selection list there were 100. I can’t get even these 100 back. I did not create GRNI invoices (deleted all of them from Posting Groups prior to try to post them). The odd thing is that if I grab the measly 13 in for processing, they all have the same GRNI Invoice Number. Even though I delete them prior to posting and delete the group as well, I do see traces of these GRNI00000xxxx invoices in my SQL tables. The next time I pull them into a new group the invoice number is incremented with +1. Another thing I noticed is that it wants me to manually assign an invoice date and terms for each individual RNI record. Kind of a pain with that many of them.

I can do manual GRNI Clearing, without issues. Is anyone aware of a workaround or fix for this? Or is anyone clearing GRNI items using a DMT or set of DMT’s?


AP Invoice can be created using DMT (AP Invoice Receipt), which will clear GRNI.