Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all, thank you for making this community what it is, looking forward to more shenanigans’, fun and sharing next year!

We have a few new cool exciting things in the works we will be announcing shortly after the new year so stay tuned!

Here’s to hoping that 2021 sucks less and that we get to see each-other in person at Insights in July!

-EpiUsers Staff
@bderuvo, @rbucek, @jgiese.wci, @josecgomez


Thanks for all you do!


Thanks a million @josecgomez, I hope eventually I’ll be able to contribute more here; in the meantime the wealth of info is greatly appreaciated

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Thanks to all who manage this site. It has helped me enormously.

Let’s hope 2021 is waaaaaaaay better!


Happy New Year! This site is such a wealth of information. Thank you to all that keep it going!

Josh Owings

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

With a special thanks to small group :male_detective: :male_detective: :male_detective:that makes all this happen behind the scenes! (wish I could be more involved - maybe this year)


Happy New Year everyone!

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Happy New Year everyone!! Hoping to get to Insights this year! Time will tell…

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Happy new year guys

Happy New Year Everyone!!! - 2021 - (No, 2020 did NOT win! And we will prove that this year. :wink: )

Thanks for all that you guys do to keep this site going. It has been so invaluable to me throughout the years and honestly it has been a source of comfort to have this site to go to in order to escape the crazy world around us at times. I just love this community! :heart:


Interesting! I haven’t heard anything about Insights 2021. I do hope you’re right! :slight_smile: