Has anyone seen the problem where a combo box in kinetic retains its value from one record to the next instead of getting cleared?

We have a UD field bound to a UD field on OrderDtl. When you click create new line, if the combo box was filled in on the previous line, the value just stays there (and thus carries over to the new line). Shouldn’t the entire OrderDtl dataset get cleared automatically when you click new line? We aren’t having this problem with other UD fields, but the other UD fields aren’t using combo box controls. Any ideas to get it cleared?

I’m pretty sure this is a bug with the combo box control in Kinetic because a text box bound to the same field clears as expected. Is there any event that forces a combo box to refresh? I can’t figure out how I would use row-update to do it.

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Was anyone able to figure this issue out?
We are still having this problem

I never found a solution to this, I ended up redesigning away from the problem and haven’t come back to check if the problem still exists in 2023.1 or not. I never could get support to accept the PRB.

If the field is bound to the correct dataset and it didn’t clear, they should absolutely have accepted the bug. :dumpster_fire:

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