Have been live over a year - Epicor Cloud - Non-production Server?

I have seen this for several companies - Tech support couldn’t answer the question.
Is there a production-ready server?
Why wouldn’t a company that is live be on a production server?

Maybe that’s why we have issues with Kinetic :slight_smile:

My guess is it means nothing other than the IsLive flag is not set or the Production Instance at the app server level is not set. Probably controlled by the Production Instance flag which if they are cloud, Epicor is probably forgetting to set it after upgrades.


Completely agree with @jgiese.wci here. If you go to swagger and do a GET at this endpoint, it will tell you what the flag Josh is talking about is set to:


If the response is:

  "returnObj": false

then you can do a POST to this endpoint:


with the payload:

  "isProduction": true

And see if that changes your screen.


These are cloud customers - can I do this type of call.
They have the Company Maintenance flag set to Live.

I should point out, the reason this has come up, I was working with tech support on something else and they said - “well, the issue you are having isn’t that bad since you aren’t live yet…” - we had been live for a few months at that time.

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REST is made for cloud customers!

What is the binding for the “Is Live” field? I’m still playing on 2021.2 and Company Configuration wasn’t done yet.