Have Data from one UD Field Equal another Field

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to have the data from a UD Field equal anther field and I am confused on how to go forward.
Any help is appreciated.

Help us help you.

What is the table and field name of the source and destination? When do you want to set the field?

Source: Part.UserChar4
Destination: JobAsmbl_UD.Character01

The source table contain custom info about our Part Classes under Part Display, and it is a SystemFlag field

The destination field is in Job Entry

I dont quite understand what you mean by when I want to set the field, are you referring to how often the data updates?

take a look at the UD Column Map feature. This might do the trick.


That does look like what I need, but on my end I am only able to have the Source Column be other UD fields.
Is there a way to have the source column be a non-UD field?