Having field tab over when scanned with barcode scanner

In the past, we had a consultant add bar-code functionality to an MES activity entry field. Instead of just entering one piece of data, she modified the job traveler operation barcode to include the JobNum+AsmNum+OpNum and when scanned through MES, it would place the job number in its field, tab over, enter the assembly number, tab, and finally enter in the op number. I thought this was locked into the job traveler but if i try and scan one of these bar-codes into something else within epicor (time and expense entry) all i get is xxxx+x+xx.

How can i add this functionality to the time and expense screen?


Can i copy something from the MES configuration and get that into the time and expense screen?

Any advice is greatly appreciate and if you have any recommendations on how to do this in a more efficient way, please let me know! Thank you!

we had that once, I think it was in the MES form customization, on the event trigger. There was a little C# code in the form event that parsed out the components of xxxzzz+xx+xx and assigned them to variables.

So I assume you could use the event wizard to put the same code in where you need it.