Having issue with a BPM

I have a simple BPM with a Method directive on the JobClosing event during base processing. Conditions: the ttJobClosing.JobClosed field has been changed from True to False
Actions: send e-mail synchronously based on the Job Reopened template
Template: [Job Reopened] Has Been Reopened by [Employee]
The email is always sent with the body:
“SOMEJOBNUM Has Been Reopened by unknown”
[Employee] set to the ttCallContextClient.CurrentUserID

How do I get the employee ID instead of unknown?

What is your version? If I recall, there is a bug in at least some version of E9 where this context is not set.

I had the same issue in E10, I used:


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In E9 its DCD-UserID

Off Topic Trivia - Why is DCD infront of the UserID?

I’m not positive but I always thought it came from the early versions of the program -
“DCD Shop Control System”
Maybe some old timers here know for sure?