Help BPM Gods. Getting a Foreign Key Error

ERP-Utilities_v2.efxj.txt (5.7 KB) ← Remove .txt

I’ll go update my function post.


Ok, Jose found the workaround. Turned out it was a static method I never even thought to look for.

So now the library is updated to version 3.

It has 4 functions now, Get / Set for Global, Get / Set for Company.

Fun fact, you can use the company functions for global stuff too, as there is no check for a valid company, I called it with the company name “poop” (I’m 12 ok) and it worked just fine.
(Of course then you’d have to remember to call it with the fake company name.)


Thanks for the help i will test but i certain with everything that was discussed the solution is in here. With all of the examples and the different BO. Thanks everyone for your help.

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The raw code for my functions are in that post too, as well as the links where I learned about it from @timshuwy & @josecgomez .