Help - How to convert one part number into multiple part numbers (Kanban Receipts?)

We have a new situation that is going to happen more and more where we need to convert one part number into different part numbers.

Simplified PRT-001 can be created taking PRT-002 and removing PRT-003. Basically PRT-002 would be removed from stock and converted into PRT-001 and PRT-003.

Our idea right now is to use Kanban Receipts to convert the PRT-002 into the PRT-001 but the problem we have is how to get the PRT-003 into stock after being removed from PRT-002. I think we could use salvage parts in this case but that only works for this simplified situation. In reality we are removing multiple parts and sometimes combining multiple parts to make the first part. All parts being removed need to be returned to stock but I can’t salvage more than one part. In Epicor 10 I have read co-parts might solve this but unfortunately we have not migrated over yet.

Any thoughts or ideas on how we can do this? Currently we are just going to manually adjust the parts back into stock but I would much rather it be automated. Note that this company is not set up to do manufacturing so running jobs is not really an option.

Thanks in advance,

Do you have the Advanced Production module?

If so, you could conceivably define Co-Parts that would allow you to do this.

I think we do but I thought Co-Parts was only available in 10. How can I find out and where could I get more information if 9 can do it?

Sorry, I strayed outside of 10. I didn’t look at the source forum.