Help with Method/Data Directives

Hi Everyone, I am looking to have a consultation with someone who is knowledgeable on Method and Data directives. I do have knowledge on these, but have some basic (I think) questions. I am willing to pay someone for their time. My email is

Currently, I want to require the reference field when Issuing/Returning materials.
I believe this needs to be done with an exception through a method directive. I ran the trace log and I am using this screen shot. I have tried several variations with pre and base processing with transreference being null, but to no avail.

In general, I am not 100% clear on the difference between changed/updated rows and when to use all rows with method and data directives.

Hello, De Anna, I think the site policy is for you to post a contact link so that consultant ad replies do not happen directly in the forum.

The changed row refers to a row that has been added, updated, or deleted.

Also, Epicor uses default values for most of its fields, so you may not see null. Have you tried String.Empty instead of null in the expression?

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Try adding another line in that condition that checks for that field being "". Use an OR operator.

TranRefer = null OR TranRefer = ""

And throw a ShowMessage on the False output for debugging. Then you can show what the value was when the condition wasn’t met.


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Thanks, and I posted my contact info above,

The Show message returned:

System Information


AppServer Connection:
Form Name: Issue Miscellaneous Material
Customization Name:
Menu ID: IMGO3007
Software Version: 10.2.700.0


Information Message Caught:

Information Message Detail:

Version: 0
Program: IssueReturn
Method: PrePerformMaterialMovement
Company: McNeal
Site: MfgSys

Message: Reference: ;
Severity: Information

So I tried add the semicolon as a condition, but that did not work either.

Thanks for all your help. I had a space between the quote marks. No space between them and it works. The show message is helpful, I had never used it before for debugging. Thanks

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