Highend Vantage 8.0 Server

Received several followon requests for the exact configuration of the
server upgrade we deployed to get more performance out of Vantage 8.0
- the following details should answer everone's questions.

Joe La Bore

Base Unit: 2.66GHz/2x1MB Cache, Xeon 7020, 667MHz Front Side Bus for
PowerEdge 6800 (222-1045)
Processor: 2.66GHz/2x1MB Cache, Xeon Quad Processor for PowerEdge 68x0
Memory: 8GB DDR2 400MHZ(4X2GB),2R DUAL Ranked DIMMS (311-5324)
Keyboard: No Keyboard Selected (310-5017)
Monitor: Video ready option w/o monitor (320-3000)
Hard Drive: 5X146GB 15K RPM Ultra 320 SCSIHard Drive (341-2170)
Hard Drive Controller: Embedded RAID - PERC4 Embedded Integrated
Floppy Disk Drive: No Floppy Drive (341-0838)
Operating System: Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition, Includes
25 CALs (420-5797)
Mouse: USB 2-button Mouse, PE (310-6585)
NIC: Dual On-Board NICS ONLY (430-8991)
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive:
24X IDE CD-RW/DVD ROM Drive for PowerEdge Servers All OS (313-2692)
Sound Card: Rack Bezel for PE6800 (313-3161)
Speakers: 2X5 Split Backplane,PE6800 (311-4645)
Documentation Diskette: Electronic Documentation and OpenManage CD
Kit, PE68X0 (310-6391)
Additional Storage Products: 146GB,U320,SCSI,1IN 15K,PE68X0 (341-1901)
Feature Motherboard PERC4ei controllerSplit Backplane RAID 0 (341-1941)
Feature Rack Chassis w/Rapid Rails forDell, HPQ or other Square
HoleRacks, PE6800 (310-6383)
Service: Premier Enterprise Support - Complex Resolutions
w/AdvancedSoftware Support - 3 Pack - Exp. 3 Years (950-0227)
Service: Type 2 Contract-Same Day 4-Hour 7x24 Parts and Labor On-site
Response,Init Year (902-8700)
Service: Type 2 Contract-Same Day 4-Hour 7x24 Parts and Labor On-site
Response,Two Years (902-7142)
Service: Premier Enterprise Support - SILVER-Premium Services 3 Years
Misc: 2nd Power Supply, 120 Volts Dual, PE6800 (310-6382)
Misc: 146GB,U320,SCSI,1IN 15K,PE68X0 (341-1901)
Misc: 146GB,U320,SCSI,1IN 15K,PE68X0 (341-1901)
Misc: Power Supply Deployment for 120-127 Volt AC Countries (310-6637)