Historical Addresses in Invoices and Shipping Recor ds

It is for this very reason that I have always entered a memo in the vendor
file when changing a remit address.
(to keep track of the old address and when the change was made and what
generated or caused the need for a change. )

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We are on 6.1 but this function of not storing each address with invoices,
sales orders, purchase orders, and so on has been part of Vantage since we
started in '96. I believe the idea is to make the database more efficient
by not storing 1,000's of duplicate addresses. We have always tried to be
very careful to decide if we want a new customer/vendor when an address or
name changes versus editing the existing one (which as you said, changes
history). The only external audits we have is IS/ISO and this have never
been an issue for us.

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We are in the process of implementing Vantage 8.0.

We have recently come across an issue that is posing quite a problem for us.
We've confirmed this issue also exists in 6.1 and possibly all earlier

We do direct to consumer sales as well as sales to resellers.

The issue comes from the fact that Ship To, Bill To, and Sold To addresses
on historical invoices are actually links that point to the Customer Master.

That means if we have made a sale to a customer and that customer moves,
when we go to print an invoice that was posted BEFORE the move, the address
in the invoice has now been "updated" to the new address.

We also have concerns regarding the potential for fraud in this system. It
seems a reasonable request that we should be able to go back to take a look
at a previous shipment to a customer and know to which address it shipped,
regardless of whether or not they subsequently moved.

We want to confirm that this is an issue with Vantage, and not some
anomalous behavior due to our setup.

Has anyone else had an issue with this? Is there a reasonable workaround
that will stand up to an external audit?


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