Historical Pricing

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone create a dashboard that could display Sales Order information including price list used on the order?

I created dashboards, but the price list doesn’t display on the sales order once the price list has expired. I understand that it blanks the field out in Epicor, but I need to be able to display historical information.

If anyone has found a way, I would appreciate some assistance.

Thanks in Advance.


I believe that functionality is specific to the Order Entry form. The price list info should still be retained in OrderDtl for historical purposes. I believe the fields are called BreakListCode and DiscBreakListCode. You can join them to the PriceLst table for more info like the description, expiration date, list of parts, etc.

Are you familiar with the Part Advisor function, Miguel? It seems like that would provide you with the information that you want, but perhaps I’m misunderstanding your objective.