History Tasks Missing

My history tasks are missing in my EpicorERP. I can see active Tasks but once completed - I have no history? Any ideas anyone. Test is working fine. I have restarted the Task Agents but still no history.

Tasks history is regularly cleaned up. There a setting for how long to keep them.

“cleanup” wasn’t exactly right …

From the System Monitor, Actions -> Retrieval Properties


Hi Calvin,

DO you know if there is a recommended length of time to use for history?

I’d like to see what a user ran 2 months ago. Not the actual files or anything, just a log file of sorts with the time and say they ran things. Is that feasible? we are set to 5 days.


That setting only limits the number of days to show in the system monitor. It’s not a setting for how long to keep the records.

If you change yours to 65 days, it should show that far back.

With my History Span set at 25 days (what it normally is), the oldest record in the History tab is 10/23/2020 (25 days prior to today 12/17/2020). Changing it to 365 days, and mine shows the oldest date of 3/20/2020 (when the devel environment was created)


works great - Thank you Calvin!