HotKey for Date/Time

Hello all,

Our Field Service Dept. enters information in the Case > Full Description field as the project progresses. We are looking for a way to have a hotkey that when used will auto populate the Date and Time for the tech’s notes. Is there such a feature / workaround? I have looked at the Form and Global Hot Keys and there is no such Command there.

I am considering using AutoHotKey (3rd Party open-source scripting language for those not familiar) to accomplish this. Any pitfalls that you foresee?


If this information is being entered in a comments type field I do not think that will be an issue. You could possibly have BPM add date time stamp to the beginning or end of a comment field upon save. I’m guessing you want the current time attached. UD field would be another option.

Sometimes there is a changelog field that will store this information depending on what module is being used.

Thanks Kyle P.
You’ve given me more options to consider. Always good to have a new perspective.