How are Sites, Warehouoses and Parts linked to a Cost ID

We are setting up a new warehouse that I want to link to a new Site ID. I then want to transfer existing parts into that warehouse.

I am trying to understand how the warehouse is linked to the new Cost ID. I don’t see any logical way to assign the Warehouse to a Site, or to the related Cost ID.

Is this done at the part level?

From the tech ref guide I can see that there is a hierarchy - Company-> Site-> Warehouse-> Bin. So it would seem a Warehouse is associated with a Site (which has a unique Cost ID).

I just don’t see how the Warehouse and the Site are linked - it’s also confusing that a Warehouse can be used by multiple sites. I understand that from a practicality standpoint, but not in how the Warehouse is linked to a site (and a related Site ID).

Anyone understand these relationships? Thanks.

Warehouses are within SITEs in SITE CONFIG

  • Sites has a COST IT associated wiith them
    CHeck Company setup for SITE MAINTENANCE

Great, thanks for the info. I believe Site Configure is probably what I needed. I will post if I find the linkage details so maybe the next person can get there faster than I did…

it appears complex - but you’re looking in the right spot now and should be good