How can I Add a customized Print Dialog to Sales Order Ack

I would like to pass a checkbox to my Sales Order Ack (do NOT want to add it to the OrderHead).

I am able to create a customization for the Print Dialog - however, I have not been able to figure out how to get Epicor to use the customized version of the Erp.UIRpt.SalesOrderAck

I would guess this is a common issue.

Anyone have a suggestion?

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You can use Process Calling Maintenance to open a specific version of a form.

You should be able to search on here about Process Calling Maintenance, and the Help files have an example I believe.

I think I see the place to add the customization - however, I am unable to manually enter my customization name - and the Customization list is empty.

I must be doing something wrong? or missed a step somewhere.

Your customization’s and menu item’s “All Companies” flags need to match. I bet your customization is saved for only your single company, so you need to uncheck the “All Companies” checkbox on the menu item you created.

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Thank you Tyler - that was it.

Thank you again