How can I add a user defined column to an existing table?

I want to add a field ‘Automation Manager’ to the Project Entry form. I need the data to be stored in the database. I don’t remember if:

  1. I create a UD column and I add it to the Project table
  2. I created a table UD_Project and then I add a UD column to this table and I link it in my customization with Epi Binding.

Can someone helps me with the right method? I’ve been searching for a while now this afternoon.

I can’t access any existing table and I can’t create any new table by clicking on New Table

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Search the E10 help for “Create User-Defined Fields”

or go to the following in the online help:

That will walk you through adding the column and regenerating the data model

Got it, when I was clicking on ‘Table Name…’ in ‘UD Column Maintenance’, no table was showing but when I click on New->New Table, the search window opens and now I see the Project table. Well, don’t know why it doesn’t work at first when clicking on ‘Table Name’ but I guess it works…


The Table Name button will only show tables that have had a UD field added to them. Makes them easier to find to do maintenance.

The button should be labeled “UD Table Name”, as it only searches for UD tables (not the DB tables those UD ones are related to), which only exist after they are created, Like you can’t search for an Order Number that you haven’t created yet.

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Thanks, didn’t know that :slight_smile: