How can I change this parameter to always be false?


How can I set the parameter “ipCopyConfiguration” to always be false in the following trace?

  <localTime>4/9/2019 10:19:36:0614744 AM</localTime>
  <executionTime total="371" roundTrip="366" channel="0" bpm="0" other="5" />
    <parameter name="ipGroupID" type="System.String"><![CDATA[HHH]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipPartNum" type="System.String"><![CDATA[600022]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipRevisionNum" type="System.String"><![CDATA[F]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipAltMethod" type="System.String"><![CDATA[]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipAsOfDate" type="System.DateTime"><![CDATA[4/9/2019 12:00:00 AM]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipCompleteTree" type="System.Boolean"><![CDATA[False]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipPartRevPartNum" type="System.String"><![CDATA[600022]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipPartRevRevisionNum" type="System.String"><![CDATA[E]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipPartRevAltMethod" type="System.String"><![CDATA[]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipReturn" type="System.Boolean"><![CDATA[True]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipGetDatasetForTree" type="System.Boolean"><![CDATA[True]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipUseMethodForParts" type="System.Boolean"><![CDATA[False]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipCopyConfiguration" type="System.Boolean"><![CDATA[True]]></parameter>
    <parameter name="ipGetFromConfig" type="System.Boolean"><![CDATA[False]]></parameter>

I ran a trace from the engineering workbench when I am trying to copy details from another revision/method. I do not want to allow anyone to copy configuration details due to what I am considering a “bug.”

Sometimes traces can be deceiving. You are trying to set this in a BPM right? Throw in pop up messages to check the state of those fields as you try the BPM in adjust it.

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I am not sure where to start, I created a BPM, but I don’t know if it is custom code I am supposed to write or to use a “caller.” These fields are not in the ttDatasets, so I can’t change them there.

How would I reference those parameters in order to call them in a message? That may be a good place to start.

I was thinking they would show in the the TTtable. So I guess I’m as lost as you now. I would have to click around and see, but I think it might be tough to change that.

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(that was a right click in the body of the message to get those context menus. Or click the Insert button…

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Nice, yeah I see those as something I can select, but how can I change their value?

  1. Add a Set Arg/Variable widget
  2. Click the link to show the Agrguments box
  3. Select the argument
  4. Ste the expression to be

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I JUST figured this out, thank you!