How can I set a customization on HDCase > Attachment > New form for Doc Type?

I’m trying to filter out the Doc Type field in the Attachment Management form (I’m off of Case Entry), but I can’t seem to customize the form. I want to do a similar filter here to not display any doc types where the description begins with an asterisk, but I am unable to customize anything on this dialog box.

Any ideas, oh wise ones?

Windows without a toolbar can be customized by right clicking in the form (assuming you’re in developer mode). On the pop-up menu will be how you enter customization mode.

But you really shouldn’t customize the UI. Kinetic won’t support them in the future.

Add a BPM to the GetList method and tweak the filter in the BPM. Several examples on here. Search for hiding product groups

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Thanks, Calvin, I’ll try that.

I’m working now on the BPM but on which table? Ice.BO.Attachment.GetList?
Is this considered an ICE or an ERP system code? I’m searching here for the examples, and I found a great one, but I’m not sure which BO to use to start it off. How do you know for sure?

Enable tracing, then do the process as you normally would. Then turn off tracing and view the trace log.