How did you find out about

So, some news from me, I will be leaving my company in a couple of weeks, and my new job does not use Epicor :cry:. I may still be doing a bit of side work, but for the most part, I will be out of the Epicor world for the foreseeable future.

One of the coolest things about my time using Epicor has been this community. I have learned pretty much everything I know about Epicor from people that have been in this forum, and I’ve learned a lot. I’ll miss people if I try to list all of the ones that have helped me out through the past few years. So I’ll just say thanks to everyone.

With that out of the way, the new place that I will be going to will be implementing not Epicor (I didn’t have a say in the decision…). I’ll have a lot to learn (again) and so far, I haven’t really found a community like this that exists independently and in the open. Epiusers is made of people and experiences and tech and all kinds of factors that may be impossible to recreate, but:

In the future, if I were to start something like this, I would have to build up the community from scratch, which would be very hard, (there are some ghost town forums out there already). So what I would like to hear from everyone is.

  1. How did you hear about Epiusers? (especially if you are new)
  2. What keeps you coming back to Epiusers?
  3. If you could start everything from scratch what is something you would do different?

Thanks for your input.

  1. Being new to Epicor I have been doing more Google searches and this forum kept coming up with info/solutions.
  2. It’s been a long time since I have come across a forum/group of people so willing to help each other.
  3. I’m new so can’t answer

First off,

That’s sad but exciting that you get to tackle new challenges and opportunities.

  1. I heard about epiusers from @hasokeric. Every new Epicor developer should instantly make an account and engage like this is Stack Overflow. Not sure if I would’ve found it otherwise.

  2. Honestly just curiosity and passion. Epicor is such a new and evolving system it’s so nice to interact with people actually developing the software. Every person on here is helpful when they can offer up some advice. Especially top contributors like @josecgomez @Mark_Wonsil @Bart_Elia @ckrusen. :slight_smile:

  3. I may have to come back with this answer. I have been on here for almost a month and the UI seems pretty intuitive and self-explanatory (secret to any software is making the end user have to think as little as possible to understand functionality)

Best of luck in the future. Hope to still see you around


I am dissapointed that you aren’t a “Gold” Patreon yet. Brad.

I was heavily active on EUG, always hit the Top 5 Contributor list. Then they switched systems and it broke 1000s of posts, link’s broke, site was and still is slow as hell. I was in contact with @Bart_Elia and @josecgomez for months already, Jose moved the Yahoo Users Group to this site, told me about it, threatened if I don’t join he will not give me any hugs at Insights. Here I am.

Plus I never liked any site where you lose your account if you leave a company.

I tried to join the Yahoo Groups too… after 20 attempts I gave up. @josecgomez sucked at approving people :stuck_out_tongue: im glad hes got @jgiese.wci now on e10help helping :heart:


Hey now, I had no power in Yahoo I was a mere member, take it out on someone else LoL


There you go I just became a supporter. Can’t wait to get my flair @josecgomez


You already have it :wink: #Computers #Magic #Hooks


I said “Gold” not the 1 dollar club. :stuck_out_tongue: jk @josecgomez has to pay for all emails being sent by your questions… its like 0.01c per Email x 3000 users


Haha I’m gonna have to get a pay raise before I can do that :joy:


Patreon and Ads cover this at the moment so #NoBig :slight_smile:


@Banderson May I ask why you didn’t look for an Epicor Employer? I am sure there are some and the community would have helped with the match making.

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I wasn’t looking. They came to me.


I can’t even handle answering these questions right now, I’m so sad @Banderson!


But I wish you the BEST of everything with your new job! You would be exceptional anywhere you go! So thankful to have met you and for all of the help you’ve given on this site! I know you’ll still be around but Best of Luck Mister! :slight_smile: (In the spirit of @hasokeric :teddy_bear: LOL!)


He’ll be back… Plus he better keep his Gold Patreon membership! Once you are in, you are in for life.


Yeah, that’s not happening. #SorryNotSorry

Hey I pay for the server that logs those questions ease up LOL

You never go to insights anyways! Empty Promises!

Yar Fiared!


Thats because Epicor failed year after year to sell my Employer that it’s a must go conference. Maybe it was my fault… because everytime I said I want to go to learn x, they said “cant you just decompile the dll” lol… fingers crossed for 2020!

Group Hug!


With skills like yours, you don’t need luck, but good luck in your new job, anyway!. We will miss you…

  1. Yahoo Group.
  2. To learn new things and contribute to community.
  3. not sure at this moment.
  1. I originally used the Vantage Yahoo group, and moved along with the mass migration
    (I still have access if anyone ever needs a file from the the file repository there)
  2. This is without a doubt the best place for information on Epicor. Not only do I get help with my issues, I get to learn about things that I didn’t know, or use yet.
    (just yesterday I learned that not only can a part be Purch, Mfg, or Kit… It can be Transfer!)
  3. Hmmm … with respect to my implementation of Epicor, my current career, my life???

P.S. Best of luck to you.

And who is going to manage the topic …


For those old enough to remember…