How do I add a note to every instance of an operation?

So under our weld operation we have these lines for initials after inspection. How would I go about adding something like this to a different operation? I’m looking to have some lines like this for any time a machining operation is called out. I’m assuming there’s a way I can go under our specific machining step code and add this to the comments so its added to every job/step with this machining operation?

Have you looked into Operation Text Maintenance? The text defined here prints on the Job Traveler when selected for an operation.

Thank you, Todd. This is exactly what I’m looking for. Could you please point me towards Operation Maintenace? Trying to find it from the main menu but not having any luck.

Depending on your role at the company you might not have access to it. The screens are called “Operation” and “Operation Text”. They are in Production Management > Scheduling > Setup

Production Management > Job Management > Setup

Oh wow small world, I’m just down the road in New Holstein, WI. You were right, I had to jump through some hoops to get access to operation/text. I just got in and I was able to find the weld operation and the associated text but I’m not able to find my machine operation. I’m not sure if I am searching correctly or if there’s something else going on. No matter what I search I am not able to pull up any operations besides these two.


I live just outside Chilton/Hilbert. Small world indeed.

I don’t follow what you mean here. We can talk it over at Roepke’s lol

I think I got it figured out here, I had to go and create the new text code in Operation Text, then go find my specific op in Operation to apply the text.

Might still have to meet up for some brewskis sometime though! I use to live in FDL as a kid but really grew up around Wausau. Just moved back down here so still getting my lay of the land on the east side of the lake here but I’m really liking this area so far!