How do I Add PartPlant.Leadtime to Opportunity/Quote Entry


I have someone asking if I can add the PartPlant.LeadTime to the Quote Entry screen on the line -> Detail Tab.

I looked into FKV and couldn’t figure out how to get that working.

Any ideas please?



I am baffled by this too. It was on the screen in E9. There is a field that already exists on Quote Dtl table called Lead TIme and it should be pulling form the Part, BUT i do not see it on the screen.

I know.

I was hoping that someone on here would be able to help out.

Can anyone here point me in the right direction?




I really need help with this.

If anybody at all can help, it would extremely be appreciated.

Thank you,


It is on the Line > Manufacturing > Revision Tab


I don’t seem to have that particular tab. I am running 10.1.500.23. Here is what I got.

Is your field PartPlant.LeadTime?

Oh, I am running about to go to .300.

What tabs are under Line> Detail? I am guessing it is there somewhere.

It’s located here?


That one is QuoteDtl.LeadTime.

I need PartPlant.LeadTime to show.

That doesn’t get populated when a part is entered that has a lead time? The one @Kimberley suggested has the same EpiBinding

I tested and it doesn’t thought it would. A Foreign Key View will get you what you want.


No, they don’t populate from the PartPlant. The PartPlant.LeadTime is an int.
The QuoteDtl.LeadTime is a nvarchar.

I created a FKV to Part then a Sub Table View to PartPlant. The only problem I see with this is PartPlant is many to one with Part.

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I agree you need do pull it in.



You are my hero! It is working with the sub-table.
I will need to keep testing but so far it has pulled correctly for over a 100 lines in various quotes I have looked at.

Thank you very much! I really appreciate you answering me. I didn’t know you could do sub-tables.