How do I go about changing material burden rate for all purchased parts

Good Afternoon,

We have reviewed our standard costing and need to make a change to our material burden rate in Epicor.
I have tried to do an paste update in cost adjustment with no luck.
Has anyone had success changing the burden rate through cost adjustment?

Hello Corey Anne,

The proper way to update standards is through the Costing Workbench. You pull in the parts you want to update. Make your changes. Roll those changes up through the bills of material. Post.

If you change just the materials and not roll them up, your standards for your finished goods will reflect the old material burden and not the new rate.

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That includes applying our new burden rate?
Will the burden rate in part maintenance update as well?

I had understood costing workbench to roll costs, but questioned changing our burden rate there. I had thought it needed to be set up as a new rate first.
I will definitely try it in our Pilot system.
Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, you are correct. The percentage is on the part and I believe you do have to set it there first. Do try in the Pilot/Test system first on a single BOM to be sure.

If you haven’t checked out the Job Cost Technical Reference Manual, I believe you will find all your answers there.

Job Costing Technical Reference Guide (

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If the question is how to mass update the burden rate on the part, DMT would be your best bet.

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DMT or an updateable dashboard should work too.

The burden is a calculation, so like others mentioned you would need to change it in part maintenance first. Then you can do your cost adjustment (through paste insert or DMT) and then, to capture the full effect you should do a system roll. I’m not 100% sure if a system roll would catch the adjustment to the burden rate. But you could always test it if you wanted to skip the cost adjustment.

@MDiekhuis - I am not familiar with the system roll process, could you elaborate on this? Currently working through a mass change to material burden and it would be helpful if we didnt have to do an adjustment to each individual part, but could accomplish this in bulk.

We do a full system roll 2x a year. Our process that has worked for us, after a few trials and tribulations, is we have a dashboard that pulls a list of parts and compares the last vs standard as well as a calculated field for % change. We separate it out by buyer in tabs and have them work on it in Excel. I insert a column called “new standard” or something to that effect. We usually sort it by % change so we can spend the most time looking at the outliers. The ones that are 3% change or what not, we just accept the last cost. I have them populate what they’d like the new standard to be in that column and I DMT them in. It does take a bit of time for them to review as our part master is extensive, but with costs these days we’d like to be as accurate as possible. We then do a full cost roll in costing workbench.

Some of the others mentioned in this thread that you can actually make the changes to the purchased parts in the costing workbench. We did this once, but chose not to do it again because we have several buyers and it was just too clunky to have them all go in there and make their changes in a reasonable amount of time. Basically we update purchase costs, and then do a full system roll.

We actually are going through this right now and updating material burden rates which I also did via DMT on part maintenance before I DMT’d the new standards. Hope that helps!

Very helpful, thank you!