How do I print the serial numbers that contain a Kit

I got a part number that is a KIT, which is conformed from 2 different part numbers. The idea is print the list of the serial numbers that contain the pieces who conform this part number (KIT). Already tried enable lot track in the part number of the kit but when I am creating the packID i cannot get allowed the serial number button. Any idea?

Luis P.

by definition, the kit parent cannot be serialized. in order to be serialized. Only the components of the kit may have a serial number. This is because you don’t MAKE a kit… you ship the components of a kit.

But it sounds like your kit parent may have a serial number? if so, you may want to consider making this into a stockable part, and creating a JOB to assemble it.

yes, i got a job number that contain this kit part number who at the same time contain 2 differents part numbers which are serialized. (The kit is not serialized, just the part that conform this kit number) That I want i to get a report that can give the serial numbers of the parts that contain this kit.

so it sounds like you want “lower level” serial tracking…
TOP Part - made in a job out of:

  • sub-part 1 - serialized
  • sub-part 2 - serialized

But the top part is not serialized… and that is what you ship?
If so, you are out of luck…
BUT If you also serialize the TOP part, then you can also implement “Lower Level” tracking, which is a feature where you can specify which serial numbers are in an upper level item
Top Part has serial x1001

  • sub part 1 has serial y2222
  • sub part 2 has serial z3333

If you ship the top part, it will ask you which serial number of that item you are shipping… then it will know what sub-parts are inside, and they could be printed on the packslip.

The other answer would be to force the non-serialized top part to be Make Direct, and then modify the packslip to gather and print the serial numbers that were issued to the related job.