How do I process a Supplier Return (DMR) via RMA Disposition without the QA Module?

I have been search the Learning center, Knowledge base, users guides etc. When I search for a good process to handle and track the return of Supplier/Subcontract Non-Conforming Materials with in E10 without the QA Module, I’ve found an article, What is the Difference between RMA and DMR, where it says you can process a DMR or Supplier return without the QA module via RMA Disposition. Does anyone know how to do that or can you tell me how you handle them? I don’t like the process of unreceiving material. I’ve taken the Embedded Education course on RMA Processing and RMA Disposition but both are geared toward Customer Returns and not supplier returns.

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Amy a few questions here to help you through this. Are the customer RMA returns you are referring to a direct result of supplier products? Have the receipt transactions already been invoiced?

Without the Quality Module, most likely you will do an inventory adjustment (with reason code and GL Control Code for supplier returns) which will be an expense for the period. Then depending upon the supplier response and the status of invoicing, you can apply a supplier debit memo against the invoice(s) which will hopefully offset the cost of the customer return or a portion of it. You could then add a new PO or, add a new PO line for the inventory already received, receive the new product against that PO or against a new PO

Hi Mark,

No this is solely a supplier return. Products ordered for an assembly into a finished product that didn’t meet specs and was caught before ever being assembled. We currently just unreceive the material but depending on the timing
that isn’t always possible. I’d rather be able to formally reject the material.

Without the quality module you are limited in your options. If the material has been received into a job and found to be defective, you can return material from the job back to inventory then do an inventory adjustment with a reason code (return to supplier, supplier defect, etc). You can then use the misc shipment screen to send the supplier the returned material and it will create a pack slip and a record of the transaction to send the material to the supplier

If you find the material is defective prior to issuing to the job, you can unreceive the material (if it has not already been invoiced) or, if it has been invoiced, do a quantity adjustment and then request a debit memo from the supplier and inform AP of the pending request

Here’s my notes on this.

RTV without the QUALITY system

  • a. Remove items from stock
  • a. Generate return paperwork for SHIPMENT back to supplier
    1. AP INVOICE (Debit Memo Entry)
  • a. To create DEBIT MEMO for “Vendor Credit” for returned materials.
  • b. Reference original AP invoice if desired

RTV with QUALITY system

  • a. Identify questionable items ( move items out of inventory into NON-CONFORMANCE)
  • a. Confirm good or bad
  • a. DEBIT MEMO created
  • a. Generate return SHIPMENT

DMR processing - Debit Memos will not be available for selection in the AP INVOICE entry until the all qtys of the DMR are accounted for and the DMR Is closed. The Debit Memo created is the DMRxxxx with Rxxxx-N
DMR processing - REJECTed you cannot change the quantity. You can adjust debits - but only option for restoring inventory is QtyAdjustments
You cannot change the part on a DMR. If the wrong part was Non-Conformed/Inspect Failed to DMR - the corrective action is to accept the original DMR to inventory and then process a new cycle of Non-Conform/Inspection/DMR processing.
You easily move items to INSPECTIOn with the NON-Conformance program. $$$ go into INSP until they are dispositioned

We have the quality module. When I returned parts using Misc shipment, Epicor did not ask for serial numbers, yet the parts are serialized. Also, the Misc shipment does not show up in transaction history.

How can I return parts to supplier with serial numbers?

Misc Shipment does not do any transactions anywhere. It basically acts like a fillable form and print it.


So is there a method to return the parts to the supplier w/o misc shipment?

Hi Al,

We are in the same situation as the original poster. No QA Module trying to handle Debit memos and Vendor returns.

Your RTV without the quality system makes sense; however when we issue the DM it effects the Inventory GL (which the inventory adjustment is handling to keep inventory counts correct) as the matching to to the Accounts Payable. Meaning we are hitting inventory twice for the Vendor return.

I am trying to figure out if a GL control for AP is incorrect or if I need a special reason code at inventory adjustment.

yes, that makes sense. Create a separate Reason Code GLC to Debit when the Debit memo is created (AP Invoice Entry - Get DMR Debit Memos)

Since there are no transactions with the miscellaneous shipment, the best you can do is put the serial numbers in the comments so they can show up on the pack list.

The serial numbers will be tied to the transactions through the QA module. So you can look at the transactions for the DMR rejection.