How do I save the size of the search screen?

Hi all. New user here. A couple of questions on the search screen.

  1. How do I change the default of 100 rows for all users, not just me (internet searching suggests changing a sysconfig file somewhere)
  2. Is it possible to set Epicor to remember the size of the search screen. It seems to change to only show 5 or so lines and not a lot of width everytime you re-hit the search button.
  3. In the Part Search there is a “Basic” option that seems to default to showing only active items. How do I set that to default to showing all items whenever the part search box is selected.

That’s it for now. Thanks in advance for your help.



To change the default rows to return use the config editor.

Go to the user tab, and change this value to what you want.

If you want it on all users, you will have to change the master sysconfig that get’s sent out from the server. This will only update on a new install though. After that it’s per user.

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