How do you remove material from a job after Work Q completed but job still open

We have a part incorrectly assigned to a job but was only noticed after the Op was completed in the work Q. How do we remove from the job? Deleted the time & expense entry which “uncompleted” the OP and removed all materials from the job but getting a can’t delete as referefenced by a material transaction.

Our Ops are quantity only and parts are backflush.


When the labor transaction was entered it created a material issue transaction for the material. When you deleted the labor, that transaction was reversed using another (negative) material issue so you won’t be able to delete the material from the job. However, to keep it from backflushing when you enter labor again, you can go to the material record in the job and set the Qty per Parent to 0 and uncheck the backflush flag. The material will still be on the job but it won’t drive any demand nor will it be backflushed to the job.

Thanks Tyler. Was hoping for a clean slate and not see it but with Epicor’s once transacted against forever does it stay…

Oh well. Clean slate 0, making sure we don’t buy again/job cost/inventory accuracy 1.


@Matt_Belshaw Along those same lines you can check the issued complete checkbox on the material which removes it from driving demand.