How do you unmatch a serial number

The middle SN 5189 is matched to the job but the part is in inventory.

You would have to unreceive it from inventory back to the job. Then you could assign a different serial number to the part when you receive it again.

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Thanks Doug. I will try that in TEST

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Nice Doug!

That didn’t work. We use serial matching to assign lower level materials with a SN to the top level part. From what I’ve seen serial matching does no transactions other than say this SN is now here.

The screen shot is from Job Tracker but Serial Matching menu only shows the actual SN associated with the job.

Ok, so the materials (purchased, stock, or from another job?) issued to the job have the SN 5189 on it? That is what’s requiring you to use that for the top level part?

When do you assign the serial numbers to the lower levels? Are they issued from stock to the job with a SN? Or is it a subassembly that gets a SN assigned through the job?

I think what happened is that we issued SN 5189. Returned and issued the other SN. As 5189 got associated with the Job Job Tracker still shows it. I am guessing it will go away when 5189 gets used on another job. We issue from stock to the job

We issue Serial Tracked parts to the job so at the point in time when using Issue Material it asks for the serial number. We then use serial matching to match the material part SN to the job part SN.

The system will not allow you to issue 5189 to a job because it is already assigned to another part. It looks like the part has already shipped, has it? There are a lot more steps to fixing if it did ship.

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I see an Unmatch button in the Serial Matching menu, not sure if that would allow you to do the unmatching. If it’s not allowed, I would probably directly modify the S/N status through Serial Number Maintainance. There’s a JobNum field that you can edit or DMT.