How does the table ProjCost get populated in the database? I want the project cost as of a certain date

I’m trying to get the cost of a project (in the SQL database) of a certain date. I’m trying to determine what’s the best way to do this. Is there any table that holds this information?

  • There’s the ProjCost and ProjCstHistory tables but it seems like there’s no data even if I have a project in Project Entry with estimated cost.
  • What are the tables that holds all the details? I know of PartTran for the transactions but if I want to know the labor cost, PartTran only has the material I guess. Also, LaborDtl holds the labor data. Are these the only tables associated with that?

I really need some help to demine what’s the best way do to this. Thanks !

The ProjCstHistory fields are populated with the Build Project Analysis task on the Action menu of the Project Entry form. You can select any date you like and it should roll costs as of that date.

So this tells you something. If you’re looking for real-time information for a project, do not use the project cost fields unless you’ve run a BPA! And if you do, make sure that you coordinate it with Finance because it can affect Revenue Recognition calculations.

Mark W.

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So here is the trick… There are TWO Project cost tables that are in Epicor… one is a temp table definition and the other holds the actual cost data. You want the ProjectCst table, not the ProjCost table.
The costs for a project are pulled into the cost table (ProjectCst) by the Build Project Analysis process being ran.
To capture “history” you would look in the ProjCstHistory table… but you can also run the Build Project Analysis with the option to 'Save A Copy" and when the process runs it will save a copy into the ProjAnalHistory table.


Thanks, I tried to to my Build Project Analysis but it didn’t add any row to this table so I guess something was wrong with it. I’ll look into it. For real time, there’s some fields in ProjectCst I think that should work.