How pass values into BAQ for ItemList parameter

Hello folks! Happy Friday :slight_smile: Quick question about the V1 Epicor Rest Helper. I’m trying to pass in a parameter to a BAQ that is an ItemList:

parameters.Add(“CustIDCSV”, custNums);
EpicorRest.DynamicGet(“BaqSvc”, “TI-OpenInvoices”, parameters);

…where I’ve tried all formats of passing in a value to that parameter, like:

The BAQ works fine when testing inside BAQ Designer, but I can’t get it to return data via swagger or your RestApi Helper when I pass more than 1 value.

Any tips?


Try that ^

Ope–sorry, missed the “Rest Helper” bit. Is this Jose’s and Josh’s NuGet?

Normally you just pass the same parameter multiple times. I believe.

The DynamicGet takes a dictionary, so it complains of the same Key name.

Any other ideas @josecgomez ? … if the “iParameters” type is of Dictionary and the keys must be unique, how would I go about passing multiples in? I also checked the GetBAQResults version but it uses the same type.

I’m trying to think of a work around but you might be right… Let me see what I can come up with.

Just going to use the $filter odata format for the time being and let the parameter accept empty values.

I’ll programmatically build the following string for each ID passed in:
$filter=Customer_CustID eq '20850' or Customer_CustID eq '20851'

It’s the only way I can think to get this working in the immediate timeframe.

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Yeah I wil change the library for next time sorry I couldn’t find a work around either. I didn’t account for the same param multiplpe times.

Thanks for taking a peek nonetheless! :+1: I’ve got a workable solution.

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