How similar is Epicor Eclipse to Kinetic, anyone know?

I am a part-time freelancer on Upwork, and I’ve been contacted by a client using Epicor Eclipse (Solar/Eterm). I wondered if anyone had any experience with Eclipse and if it is similar enough where I could still be of value? We are on Kinetic now in the cloud, and were on 10 and 9 before that.
Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

  • Sorry if I posted in the wrong category, I wasn’t sure where to place this…

Hey Erin -

Eclipse is a totally different tech stack as compared to E9 / ERP / Kinetic. It is a distribution system so some of the business elements are similar but the tech and tooling is very different.

Glad I asked, thank you.

Coincidentally, I believe that DocStar had the moniker of Eclipse at one time too.