How to add grid to Part form for used on data

I would like to add a new sheet to the Part form and put a grid on it to show used-on data for the part. I was able to add a new sheet and add a grid but that’s about as far as I got. I have looked at the help files and there is nothing specific enough to get me going. The purpose of this is twofold - one is so that uses can quickly get used on (parent) information for a part and secondly it would be a good customization exercise for me. I am still new to Epicor but I do have .Net developer experience. There looks like there is a BAQ that fits my need called ‘zPartWhereUsed’ so I’m thinking if I could pass it a filter or where clause with the part number that might work. Or I could create a new BAQ with a parameter - whatever works. But I’m not sure how to get it to load. I thought about putting a ‘Retrieve’ button on the sheet but that’s as far as I got. Where to start?!


Have a thorough read of the Customization and Ice Tool Guide in EpicWeb. That will get you pretty far.

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Search out using a BAQDataView it will take creative code but you could call that BAQ and load the data for it in your grid as you suspect yes.


thanks - I am currently going thru Jose Gomez’ article and trying something like that. I don’t have access to epicweb yet… (waiting on this). Will post back with more questions as they arise.

As of 10.2(?) all of the user guides are in the help as well.