How to (best practice). Need to alert production scheduler when scrap occurs at an operation

We currently do not allow “scrapping” a qty when reporting production. We exclusively use the NCR/DMR process. However, we are considering going back to allowing certain operations on jobs to be allowed to use the “scrap” method of reporting production. This is to “cut out” the time consuming process of NCR/DMR for simple things that have no large value on the material being scrapped. Having said that, I would like to know if there is a way that I can setup Epicor to “alert” the production schedulers when someone “scraps” something so they will know they will instantly know they will need extra material to cover the parts that just got scrapped so they can still make the original job quantity. We do NOT want to change anything related to the job yield or anything like that, we simply want an automated way (simpler the better) to alert our production managers/schedulers that someone has enter a scrap quantity in labor entry. Thanks in advance.

You can set up a Shop Warning, one of the options is scrap.

@emanpittfan If you are 905 you can use a BAM with a .p file to send a nice email. I would have sworn I had a BAM on job nonconformance that would be pretty close to what you would need to do a scrap alert, but can’t find it today. If you want a sample that I do have they are pretty easy to convert from one table to another.


Thank you for the input. Ok, I found that and it makes perfect sense. So would I setup the “variance” as 0 so that it throws the alert if ANY quantity is reported. Also, where do I define “who” in the “Alert Group Maintenance” screen receives the email alerts? The “excess scrap” warning is currently set to alert an Alert Group called “Shop Control” but I don’t see anywhere that I can change “who” is in this “Shop Control” Alert Group.