How to change Sales Order Price List via BPM

We are just looking at doing online sales. We plan to take those Online sales and manually enter them as Orders (for now) but all online sales use the ECOM price list no matter the company. How do I change the price list in Sales Order?

I tried counter sales which might work but I still need a way to change the Price List

I thought of using a BPM but I’m not sure how to change the Price List in the Set Field since Price List is in Customer which I cannot access in the SalesOrder.Update method.

what am I missing

Hi Jessi,

So normally you would have to first attach the ECOM price list to the customer then go back to the Sales Order and select it from the list.

It would be possible for a BPM on Sales Order to reach over to the Customer, add the Price List, and then select it on the Order. But it would get pretty complicated…

You might consider automatically adding the ECOM price list to every new Customer so it’s always available on any Sales Order for any Customer.

But I think we’d need to know more about how your company uses price lists in general… otherwise any recommendations you get here might not work well with other things going on in your system.

OK, I have 2 price lists added to a customer A, ECOM and PLMain with PLMain above ECOM. ECOM is in CAD and PLMain is in USD.

When I create a Sales Order or Quote and add part1 which is listed in both Price Lists (different prices), I click Override Price List and the drop-down does not have ECOM. What am I missing?

Wondering if it’s because of the multi-currency. I’ve only done multi-currency on the AP side though so I’m not sure. If you have a minute, try adding another price list in USD (to the Part and Customer) so we can see if that shows up on the SO dropdown.

Yes that worked! I now have ECOMUS and ECOM. I then attached them to Customer Group based on Currency so I don’t have to add the Price List to each Customer.

Thank you

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