How to configure a production calendar by site

Hi, we have 5 sites in our Epicor and we only have 1 production calendar so far (we’re still implementing Epicor). I want to have 3 differents production calendar and I see that I can link a calendar / site

But I can’t figure out where to do so.¸ The only place that seems logic would be here but it’s greyed. Can anyone help me with this?


That’s the right place. Do you have Advanced Planning and Scheduling licensed? That might be why you can’t change it.

Do you have the MRP module? If not, assigning Production Calendars might not be allowed.

This is just a guess, as we do not have MRP, and I cannot add any calendar to specific sites. We can only make assign a company-wide calendar

Sorry but I never remember how to check if I have a certain Module, can you tell me how ?

It’s in the EAC (Epicor Admin Console) on the App Server

The Modules Tab


Thanks, I always forget the last arrow to find the licenses ! I do not have the MRP module and I don’t have the Advance Planning and Scheduling, without that I can’t have any calendar by site ?

Not exactly sure. I’m on 10.1.400 and don’t have MRP or Adv Planning, and can only set it at the Company level.


Open a support ticket. That should be something they can answer fairly quickly.

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Thanks for your help, I opened a ticket and will get back once I have a definitive answer !

I asked an external resource that work with us to integrate Epicor and he said that without the Advance Planning Schedule, we can’t set the calendar by site. However, I can create a new calendar and assign it to different resource groups which are different for each site. So this way, I have a different calendar for sites if I want.