How to consolidate Costing IDs for Multiple Sites?

We are looking to consolidate our costing IDs for our three sites into the same costing ID. Has anyone done this before? I am not sure the correct mechanism to complete the update. Our original cost ID still exist in the system, but is outdated (we switched to site specific about 3 years ago, but want to change back for accounting reasons). So I had planned to update the cost of the original cost ID with our current cost then reassign each site’s cost ID using Site Cost Maintenance back to that original cost ID. When I tested it in test this evening, the DMT tool crashed (using Cost Adjustment as my template). Should I be approaching it another way?

You may have to do a cost update on each part in each site, to get them aligned first. Or at least on parts in the site whose cost would change when using a new cost file.

Switching the Cost file on a site might not do the do an actual Cost Adjustment. Which would throw your inventory GL out of whack.


Actually doing a manual change (via Site Cost ID Update (from Actions menu in Site Maint) does

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I can try that in test and see if that goes better. Cost Adjustment via DMT is the correct mechanism, right? It keeps crashing on me, but that may be more related to the number of parts I was trying to adjust at one time.

Looks like there is a tool in Site Maintenance (Actions → Change Site Cost ID)

That then prompts you with:


The reason code selected will be used to drive the Cost Adj’s GL trans (to capture the change in cost)


When I try to change a sites costID to an existing one (one that has different cost values in it): I get:


So yes, you need to have the costs aligned first.

Here’s what I’d do:

  1. Set the costs in one of your active sites to what you want the “universal cost” to be.
  2. Make a BAQ of PartCost for the CostID of the site in step 1. This is just to get the records you’ll need for the DMT to update the costs of the other sites
  3. Use that BAQ’s output to make the DMT files to update the costs of the other existing sites.
  4. Use DMT to update those other sites’ costs.

At this point all sites should have the same costs - but still using different cost files.

  1. Use Site Maintenance to Change the cost ID of the other sites to that of the site in step 1.

That makes since, guessing the DMT issues I was running into was trying to update cost for an unused cost ID, rather an use one of our existing ones. I have the BAQ done, let you know how this goes. Thanks.

I just re-read that error message I got from “Site Cost ID Update”. It says I have a part with a different cost method.

So I’d have to get that aligned first. And that requires zeroing out QOH with a Qty Adj, changing the Cost Method, then Restoring the QOH.


@lpepple - Seems like it was the different Cost Methd and not different costs that was the issue. After getting all the Cost methods aligned the Change Site Cost ID process ran fine.

So just get your costs correct in one of the active sites, then use that site’s CostID as the “universal” one. No need to update costs in each site first.