How to create a SSRS Report from two BAqs

Ive created 2 BAQs
Created A BAQR
Modified Data Definition

Performed a data-sync
Downloaded Report to report builder , but its only showing one dataset not two
what am I doing wrong

Nothing. You only get 1 dataset since you have a join. If you want two datasets, you would have to take away the join.

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to echo what @jkane said. If you expand your dataset is SSRS you will see all of the fields from both BAQs

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I would say in a pinch, you can incorporate SQL queries into your report dataset query - however since you are cloud, that isnt an option for you.

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Took away the join still only one data set from one of the BAQs the 1st one

but then there will not be a link between the two BAQs ?

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Did you select fields to include from the tables? Did you refresh the rdl to include the new structure of the RDD?

Your original question was very generic. If you let us know what you are trying to do, we can give you solutions on how to do it.

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I might be incorrect but in the data definition if I select BAQs then it should load the data automatically in those BAQs

This is what I am trying to do:
O/S sales orders linked to Jobs (that works fine)

now I want to ad some data under each job of the Material Not issued (shortage)
That report works ok on its own

Now I need a combination.
hope that helps

You created two BAQs and then added those BAQs to a new RDD.

Then you create the Report Style. Once that is created you hit the Sync button.

Now you can download the SSRS report to modify.

If you had a join, the report would have 1 dataset named after the parent BAQ in the join with all of the fields from both BAQs in it.

If you did not have a join, you would have 2 datasets named after the BAQs with each one containing the fields in it from the BAQ.

Are these the steps you followed?

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Yes tried with and without a join
Hit the sync button
downloaded the report
but either way only one data set or only the fields from the First BAQ
cannot see why its not working

Looks like you are missing the Company join. Are you multi-company?


This is what I am trying to achieve
a list of outstanding sales order relating to jobs
and showing under each related job a list of material short
don’t forget my system is cloud based
at the moment top part on each order is fine
its how to link in the second part the shortages
do I link it in the BAQ ?
do i try to link it in a custom data-set
do i just try and link it in the SSRS report designer
I’ve tried them all after various suggestions and cannot get it to work
Sample one order

If I had direct access to my SQL Data Base would be simple , but alas with cloud I haven’t

Are you using a BAQ Report Designer? or a RDD?

Tried it all ways but I cannot get the 2 related sets of data
I stared with a existing BAQ fo O/S sales and did the report in Report Designer
I just need the best way of adding in extra data without duplicating lines in first Report