How To Create PO Header Automatic in Epicor 10 through BPM or Customization code

I want to create auto new PO after qty rejection, Please share code for auto insert row in PO header and detail table, Thanks

What have you tried so far?

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I have created a DMR of 5 Nos, Now i want to generate auto PO for 5 Nos.

I want to find out way to generate auto PO.

Well, this is the right place to get help, and if you can tell us a bit about your experience customizing Epicor it will help people understand your problem.

You can’t (at least you SHOULDN’T) directly add rows to a table, it is a good way to break your system. So it’s not really as easy as “sharing code”. Once people know how you’re approaching the problem, they will often share pieces of code to address specific steps.

I’m still pretty new (2019), and the best advice I got was to first study the correct section in the application user guide and the implementation guide, in case there’s a standard feature that does what you need. Then honestly, search this forum for anything related to the topic, and start trying to find a solution.

All those guides are on EpicWeb.


I tried to insert PO header ,its working fine but for current login company,
but my requirement is to create PO for another company (child company)
when if create a subcontract shipment then system will generate PO (customer manage) for child company

BPM_1.docx (102.7 KB)