How to customize call entry?

I was able to add a UD field and appropriate search to the CRM Call Entry process, as well as deploy it from Case Entry, where I wanted it. What I’m not able to figure out is how to search by it. I can enter a quick search, but I don’t know which column to return to make it bring up the call(s).

What I’m trying to do is add a “Related to” field to CRM Call Entry which users will be able to search by. In particular, I want to relate call logs to a serial number.

How can I accomplish this?

Wonder if you can you explain what a BAQ might look like?
i.e. what tables/fields would be involved… if a parameter can be applied?
If so, I’m thinking that might be enoigh to reveal solution ideas, or at least let you know if it’s possible to do a lookup.

The call records might have several required key fields, making it nearly impossible to return a reference to that specific call record.

Kind of like how a PO receipt requires the vendor and packslip to fetch a Receipt record.

I don’t think Quick search can do that. At least not very easily.

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What is the UD field going to store? Reading between the lines it sounds like it maybe a SN. Like @ckrusen said CRM Calls are multi keyed records and Quick Search only provides single keys.
If Serial Numbers are entered on your cases and call logs are entered against the cases as well, then you can get serial numbers through the case. If you want to find all Call Logs related to a Serial Number… you want to search by SN, then I would do this with a Dashboard with a Tracker filter pane. The BAQ behind it would be the CRMCall table inner join to Case on CaseNum & CustNum… or something like that.

Thank you for your answers. I will look into a dashboard for this later on, but for now I think my tech support dept will be satisfied with making sure call logs are attached to cases.