How to customize sub form?

Hi, I am new to Epicor and I’ve done customization of the main form but not sure how I need to customize the sub form.


Epicor should pick up your subform customization as long as there is a mainform customization with the same name.

You could try this…
1.) Make a customization to the main form with a name like “FormCust”
2.) Then make your customization to the subform, remember to use the same name “FormCust”
3.) Specify customization name “FormCust” in menu setup.

Hi Bruce,

I do not see customization options for the sub form. Anything that I need to do? I see the customization options for the main form but not sub form.



If they are the same name, it will pick them both up, you only need to set it for the main form.

You need to right click somewhere on the screen of the sub form and then click customize to get to the customization. It isn’t in the tools menu I don’t think. All this in developer mode. Try the right click in the space outside of the group box but before the border.