How to customize UI in EWA

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to get some direction on how to customize UI in EWA. 100% of the staff use the client. Small numbers of use want to use Time and Expense Entry on the browser, so I suggested EWA.

All they want is to hide some (lot) of columns in List view to about 15 or so. Can someone point me to the direction of a how-to?



Hi @andy.cheuk,

Please follow the below mentioned steps

  1. Login to Client application.
  2. Enable the Developer mode.
  3. Open Time & Expense Entry.
  4. Go to Tools and click on the Customization option
  5. Go to List tab and select the Grid.
  6. Click the Collection properties value
  7. Hide the columns and save the customization.
  8. Generate the web form.

for your reference screenshot is attached below

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Late reply. Limitation of Saas, confirm bug, Dev will not assess it given Kinetic UI is the future.