How to default the op sequence.....bpm or can you do it in the system?

Epicor 9.05.701

I have created a new op for Final Assembly and I would like for every time this is added as an op to a Bill of Operations that it ALWAYS takes OpSeq number 2000.
Is there a way to set this? I do not want to rely on people remembering to set it manually in every instance.

I’d like to force operation ‘Final Assembly’ to be Operation Sequence 2000 when added to BoO in engineering workbench

Operation field = ECOOpr.OpCode / Opr field = ECOOpr.OprSeq - when ECOOpr.OpCode = Final Assembly (or FINASS) make ECOOpr.OprSeq = 2000

Can this be done via a setting in the system OR does it have to be done via bpm?

In-Transaction Data Directive on the ECOOpr table

Also, consider doing the same for the JobOper and QuoteOpr tables in case operations are added outside the Engineering Workbench.

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