How to delete a customization you can't find?

Epicor Version 10.1.400.18

When I take a look in the XXXDEF table, I find a customization called CustomContextMenu. Must have been something some guy named ‘Jeff’ was playing around with back in 2013. This cannot be found in Customization Maintenance. How do I get rid of this?

XXXDEF fields:

Type: Customization
Key1: CustomContextMenu
Description: Custom Context Menu
Last Updated: 1/4/2013
LastUpdatedBy: Jeff
DataBaseVersion: 2.5.4752.906
SysCharacter04: Not Validated
SysNumber05: 0
SysCheckBox05: False
SystemFlag: False

Context menu maintentance

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I’m chasing the same ghost. I don’t see it when I open Context Menu Maintenance. Any ideas? Exact same thing, though.

If you open the screen in developer mode, does the customization not show up?


That’s just it. There is no screen that this is tied to. Key1 is CustomContextMenu, Key2 is blank. I’m troubleshooting the customizations as we’re starting our upgrade to Kinetic. I see 2 warnings and 1 blank.

Sorry, I didn’t get the context of what you were asking (no pun intended)

This is what that is for, you can make custom thing for the right-click open with stuff.


I don’t know how to find which ones are customized and which are not, but you can load them all and page through pretty quickly. To go back to base, you need to delete all of the menu items, and it will go back to base. Make sure the customization mode is checks. If it’s not, then it’s a personalization and only applies to the person who made the change.

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That’s where custom context menu items are stored it’s not a standard customization you don’t want to mess with that fella or you gonna have a bad time. Context Menu Maintenance is what you want for that.

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