How to delete a subassembly or operation with transactions

How can we delete a subassembly or operation with transactions against it? We have removed the labor and material transactions properly, but the system still will not allow delete.

@lfilzen You can’t. The labor and the reversal of labor still exist, so the record has to exist.

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Do you know how you can eliminate the demand then? It does not let us put the qty required to 0 if we decide we do not need a subassembly. The system is still suggesting PO suggestions.

You can set the materials underneath it to 0.

@lfilzen You can also set the materials or subassembly as issued complete. There is a flag on JobAsmbl and JobMtl. I have an updateable BAQ that materials uses for this kind of scenario, but you can also accomplish by unhiding Issued complete in the List grid in a personalization on JobEntry.