How to edit a drop down box's options?

Stupid question…but I did some searching around and didn’t see an answer.
How do I edit/add options to a drop down combo box? Sales is asking me, and I can’t figure it out.
Thought it might be here in customization, but I’m not seeing a way from here. (Trying to edit the
‘Billing Type’ field)

What “Option” are you trying to change?

You cannot change the values of this field as it is used elsewhere and must be valid. You can change the description or remove value though.
2 options:

  1. Hide this and make an EpiCombo using User Codes with the values you want
  2. I’ve used Language Maintenance to edit this in E9 and E10.0 (it isn’t saving for me in 10.2 though). If you try to go this route, be careful. You may want help.
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I’m not sure which one it is, I haven’t heard back, but they’re asking if we can remove or hide one of the options so it is not on the drop down list.